Cyclone Michaung Flood Relief

Update 1 | Date 12/12/23

In the face of adversity caused by Cyclone Michaung, our immediate goal has been to bring swift relief to those affected by the flood especially in areas where we’ve been actively engaged for many years.

We’re happy to report that with your support, we’ve achieved significant milestones by distributing Sustainability kits, consisting of essentials like biscuits, blankets, dry rations, basic toiletries, and sanitary napkins to address the immediate needs and providing a sense of comfort to these families during these challenging times.

Sustainability kit distribution150 families residing low-lying areas of Gothamedu, Saidapet, ICF, Kannagi Nagar, Perumbakkam, and Kotturpuram 

Our field resource people who are engaged in the relief efforts share some heartwarming stories.

A Family’s Struggle during the Flood:

In the remote areas of Perumbakkam, access to basic resources proves to be difficult in the aftermath of the recent floods due to heavy water inundation. Jeeva and his family have been first-hand witnesses to the devastating impact it has had on their community. Jeeva is an eighth-grader in a nearby government school who attends classes regularly at our Chudar center in Perumbakkam. Our recent visit to his home unveiled a distressing scene, with extensive damage and loss of belongings due to the flooding. The family’s home has become uninhabitable and a majority of their possessions, including furniture and essential items, have been destroyed. They were able to save only a minimal amount of clothing and immediate necessities. In response to their dire circumstances, we provided them with some relief materials aiming to offer some assistance and comfort. Jeeva and his family were extremely grateful for the timely help. While recounting the havoc the cyclone has created Jeeva said, “There was water everywhere and we also got shocks when we touched the switches or the wall, but you know what makes me sad the most? I couldn’t save my books! When can I come to the center, Akka? I have my exams soon”

A Resilient Soul through the Flood:

Selvi, a resident of the Perumbakkam housing board, faced the consequences of Cyclone Michaung as her house was flooded. The intrusion of rainwater mixed with sewage caused significant damage to her belongings. She has been engaged for 3 whole days in trying to remove the water from her home amidst the stench. She works as a maid for a living in a nearby apartment on the main road but is unable to leave her house as there is still quite a bit of water stagnation just outside her house and the street she lives in. Chudar’s timely intervention in providing her with the sustainability kit has helped her take care of the basic needs in these challenging times. She expressed her immense gratitude for the assistance.

Update 2 | Date 14/12/23

So far we have reached out to 440 families in Gothamedu, ICF, Kannagi Nagar, Kapali Thottam, Kotturpuram, Mandaveli, Perumbakkam and Saidapet providing them with relief kits.

We’d also like to share some uplifting stories that showcase the positive impact your support has had on those in need.

Ayyappan’s Struggle during the Flood:

Ayyappan, an elderly man, resides in the Mandaveli housing board where we have been working for the past five years. With no close relatives and living alone, Ayyappan, hindered by the limitations of age, is unable to earn a living. The recent floods have inundated his home, destroying it and leaving him homeless. Our timely support during these challenging times was a meaningful relief for him. Ayyappan personally thanked our tutor, Keerthiga, a fellow resident of Mandaveli, for extending a helping hand in a time of need, showcasing the strong community bonds we’ve fostered over the years.

Strength in Times of Adversity:

Amidst the flood crisis, Maragatham, a widow, manages life without familial support and earns her livelihood as a maid. She receives a meager income of Rs. 500 from each of the 3 or 4 households she serves. An additional challenge she faces is her loss of hearing. Despite her circumstances she continues to be resilient. She lives in the Perumbakkam housing board where Chudar has been an active part of the community for the past three years. 

During our encounter with Maragatham, she initially assumed we were representatives from the government, expressing her need for assistance in obtaining her pension. This interaction shed light on the practical challenges she confronts, navigating life without strong family ties or close connections. Our sustainability kit provided her with some initial relief and she was extremely grateful and extended her heartfelt thanks to Gayathri, our dedicated tutor from the community. Her story unveils the harsh realities encountered by the elderly, especially those who are underprivileged and don’t have any family to support them. We are very happy that our field resource people have been able to identify and reach out to the poorest of the poor.

Chandrasekar and Padmini’s Determination:

Mr. Chandrasekar and his wife, Padmini, face the complexities of visual impairment and Mr. Chandrasekar’s limited mobility. Despite these obstacles, they’ve carved out a means of earning their livelihood. Mr. Chandrasekar is a wire chair and sofa weaver, and Mrs. Padmini is a vendor selling sweets and chocolates on local trains. The cyclone put a complete stand still to their lives as no trains were plying for 3 days due to water inundation on the tracks. Despite their handicaps they haven’t received the support they need in their community. Chudar’s intervention brought a ray of joy and relief to the couple. While expressing their gratitude they said, “Now we also feel that there is someone who cares about us too. Thank you so much! “

Update 3 | Date 24/12/23

Overall Impact Achieved:


The sustainability kits we provided to the families contained rice, dal, cooking oil, sugar, blankets, etc


The educational kits given to the children contained a school bag, notebooks, stationery items, lunch bag, etc.