Chudar Education is an Initiative of the Eureka Education Foundation where we strive to make a difference by providing quality education to financially challenged children through volunteering.

After School Centres

Chudar has urban and rural after school centres. Our tutors teach the students Science, Maths and English with the help of practical learning methods devised by subject matter experts. We have 50+ centers in total.

Our primary goal is to equip the children with knowledge to that they can choose their own paths in the future. Our centers provide a flexible approach to learning through individualized programs to help the students to improve their learning or to supplement their learning.

Chudar Champs Program

Avishkaar Survey (June 2021) highlighted the concerns of gender disparity in STEM. The survey found that 81% of parents with male children feel that STEM is vital for their child, as compared to 68% of parents with female children. Chudar Champs Project (STEM for Girls) aims to rectify this gap.

The objective of the program is to inculcate a scientific temper among girl children in Government Middle and High schools in Tamil Nadu. The students are encouraged to look beyond the school textbooks and develop a love for science through curiosity, observation and deduction from science experiments and hands-on projects.

The project includes hands-on activities and experiments that improves understanding of the students. The program uses real life examples to help the children correlate to their daily lives. The experiments and activities are specifically chosen to encourage independent and logical thinking and build creativity.

Government schools Program

We focus on 11 government and aided schools. Our resource persons take classes in English and Maths for middle school students at these schools. We make use of a blended learning method (digital+ in person classes) that improve the understood students. We also conduct regular events at the schools with volunteers to encourage learning amongst the students.

Community Learning Program

We started various courses for the children apart from their curricular activities. We have volunteers who take these classes for the students on a regular basis. Volunteers from the US take Canva design classes and Python classes through Zoom while volunteers from Chennai have taken art and robotics classes in person.The students enjoy these classes and always look forward to the new things they learn