Dr. A. Ravishankar is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Chudar. He has been involved full-time in the field of children’s education for the past 15 years. His main work has been with Aid India, where he directed large-scale programs to improve learning quality, reaching thousands of children. At Aid India, he co-developed the science lab in a box for which AID INDIA received the MIT Indus Technovators Award. He is the author of various popular science and maths books, and developed innovative kits and educational resources for children. He was part of the Tamilnadu government secondary education curriculum committee and  authored the class 6 maths text book when the new syllabus was introduced. He has been a resource person for UNICEF and NCERT, and has made invited presentations on education at conferences in India and abroad. He was a full-time faculty at I.I.T before working in the field of education. Previously he worked at IBM, where he got 3 US patents. He holds a Ph.d in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.tech from IIT, Madras.