Covid Relief work

The Covid -19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives.
In a sense, we’re all in this together since the coronavirus does not discriminate.
Yet not all have the same options for staying safe and healthy.
Millions in India have no reliable access to clean water or safe shelters,
it is already hard to survive - a virus outbreak is the last thing they need!
Due to lockdown we had to close Chudar's After School Centres located across Chennai.
But we couldn't ignore the situation of our communities and decided to get into relief work.
Chudar and our local volunteers have reached out to these families to assess their needs.
We then organised funds through our fundraisers to aid in our relief work to get these families the help they needed.
We provided them with groceries, sanitary kits, reusable cotton masks and sanitizers.
Adhering to Government norms and using a decentralised model, we achieved smooth distribution.
Although the lockdown has been lifted and new normalcy achieved, the struggle to get back is hard,
in the face of this reality we all should stand together and each other.
We thank all our donors and our volunteers from the bottom of our hearts,
because without your help we couldn't have achieved what we achieved.
Updates for our covid-19 relief work are below.