Covid Relief Short Stories

May 21, 2021 0 Comments

May 12 2021

As part of COVID-19 relief work, Chudar has been distributing supplies to those worst hit by the pandemic. The groceries distributed include rice, oil, sugar, salt, semolina, vermicelli, dal, washing soap and body soap.
The team distributed necessities to six families in the Vandavasi Taluk yesterday. Three of the families live in the Kizh Sathamangalam village while the other three families live in Sembur Colony. Valli and her son are daily-wage workers who lost their jobs when they contracted COVID-19. Valli was employed as a domestic worker while her son was employed as a woodcutter. They have been unemployed for the past 20 days and were extremely grateful for the groceries and other supplies.

May 11 2021

As part of the COVID-19 relief measures, Chudar has identified a few single parent families in which mothers are finding it difficult to meet basic food requirements due to the present lockdown in Chennai.
All these mothers are dependent on their meagre incomes to meet their day-to-day requirements and have been confined to their homes due to the lockdown. Many were working as domestic help and are currently unemployed as their employers have requested them not to come to work during the pandemic.
Sharmila, Nivetha and Sindhu distributed groceries to twenty such families in Jothiammal Nagar in Saidapet and Gothamedu today. The families were happy to receive the grocery items and thanked the Chudar team.