Chudar COVID-19 Relief Update #5

May 28, 2020 0 Comments

It’s been more than a month of the COVID-19 lockdown and people across the world have been coping with this situation in whatever best way they can. Chudar has been steadily reaching out to many more families through their local volunteers who relentlessly identify the most vulnerable and ensure that the grocery and sanitary kits reach them.

Families reached
300 Families in 15 locations across Chennai and nearby villages in the districts of Kanchipuram and Chengalpet
3000 masks made by 15 people from the community, 2500 of them distributed to families in the above locations
At these times of uncertainty, many may have wondered, What can I do? How can I make a difference?

Two young girls Ananya Ganesh and Akshara Ganesh not only wanted to help their parents during the lock-down situation with all the household chores but also found that they could ” earn” their pocket money through this and put it to good use. Instead of using the money they earned to buy things of their choice, they chose to donate all of it to Chudar’s CoVID -19 Relief!Here is what they had to say “We had learnt about Chudar’s after-school learning centres a few months back and really enjoyed meeting and interacting with the children, the tutors and volunteers of Chudar. Recently we saw the relief work Chudar was doing on their Facebook page. Some of the stories were really touching and amazing. We felt that most of the times ,a lot of us don’t realise how lucky we are to have it all easy. We wanted to do our bit in giving back to the society and people in need. We are very happy and thank Chudar for giving us this opportunity and we w hope to continue to do this through the lock-down. Our parents couldn’t have been more happier !”

Arvind Shivram is a 12th standard student resides in a high rise apartment in Chennai. When he saw Chudar’s update about the relief work, he took the initiative to approach all families in his apartment to raise funds. He wrote a very detailed and passionate appeal.Inspired by his approach, one of the residents also came forward to match funds upto Rs.50000!. Thanks to Arvind, Chudar has been able to reach out to many more families affected by the lock-down.

Kumar is a tailor by profession, during the lock-down he couldn’t continue with his work as there weren’t many orders.

“Usually I get orders to do school uniforms and wedding clothes during this time, but due to the lock-down restrictions, my business has been very down. When I saw one of Chudar’s volunteers distributing goceries and sanitary kits to very needy elders in my area, I got curious and contacted them over phone. Then I came to know that they were also identifying people who could make masks and give it to the community. I was thrilled !What better way for me to use my skills? I told them that I’m a tailor and I can help immediately, all I need is the specifications and I have some cloth too!. They sent me the design as per government specifications and also arranged for the material. Within just 3 days I made 500 masks and they were distributed in my area. I felt a sense of achievement, I’m so glad that I could help people in need”

Bound by nothing but only compassion towards humanity, each one of you who has supported Chudar’s COVID-19 Relief has been a source of inspiration and made a difference to those in need. Chudar joins in sharing the gratitude expressed by all the families whom we have been able to reach, through your generous contributions.