Chudar Programs founded by Dr. Ravishankar and his team, works towards improving the quality of education for elementary and high-school children from underprivileged backgrounds. Our goal is to ensure that every child passes out of high-school with the requisite knowledge, skills and confidence to face the future, both in school and beyond. Chudar is a Tamil word which denotes the sparkle or brilliance from a flame, and we hope that our efforts will enable each child to shine with that brilliance in their own way.

The Problem

Several studies show that most kids are enrolled in school, but learn very little. The ASER survey points out that of all children in the age-group 6-14, more than 99% are enrolled, but the majority lag behind in educational outcomes.

This problem persists from primary all the way to high school and the National Achievement survey by NCERT has also showed that Std.10 children have very low competencies in Mathematics, English and Science. The problem affects children from disadvantaged sections, who are often first-generation learners.

Our Solution

We believe that that every child can learn well, given the right inputs and environment. As part of Chudar, we develop innovative educational content in Language, Mathematics and Science to help improve children’s learning. We run two main programs:

 After-school centers catering to poor children from Chennai’s slums and

Working with government and aided schools to improve learning

The key principles in our approach are:

  • Measurement of learning outcomes
  • Skill assessments
  • Technology-aided learning
  • Local participation

Our unique content and methodology is synced with the state board curriculum and at the same time helps children to improve their concepts and skills. As of January 2020, we reach 4800 children through our programs.